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You like to know more about my life, my work and my way of artisan bakery. Here you find some more informations and interesting things.

What is it that makes a loaf of bread an artisan bread? It’s an interesting question, especially in my opinion!

When you talk about artisan bread you’re talking about bread made by an artisan – someone skilled in the craft of bread making. It’s not about how rustic the loaf looks or how uneven the crumb, although these are attractive qualities that indicate the changing nature of bread from day to day.


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The Pan Crystal is one of my famous recipes all over the world, but also there are a lot of other impressive recipes in my repertoire. Find out!

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I’m from Heilbronn. I was born there 04.01.1965 My mother is German, my father from Liguria-Italy. I lived in Heilbronn, Rosenheim and long in Ulm, in my youth.

I attended secondary school and did an apprenticeship as a retail merchant. After many jobs in restaurants and pizzerias, I later did a cook apprenticeship. My father emigrated to Panama in 1994 for work reasons, and caught up with me in 1998 because he opened a small hotel pizzeria on an island in the Caribik (Bocas del Toro-Panama).

Since he had no cook, he asked me if I would like. Arrived there in 998, I realized that there was neither bread nor yeast. Our restaurant had a pizza oven and so I started baking bread with some basic knowledge.

There was no yeast on the island either, so I unpacked an old grandfather recipe and made wild yeast with fermented raisins. I worked with it for 6 years. Over the years, I have developed recipes myself and taught myself so far everything. Internet or bread baking books I did not have.

In 2004 I went back to Germany for private reasons. In Germany, I subsequently worked in various bakeries and acquired further insights.

In 2009 I returned to Panama with the idea of ​​opening my own bakery, which I also did. A chance visit to the bakery TARTINE in San Francisco then totally changed my baking philosophy. The breads were totally different than in Germany. I realized that there is simply more than what I have come to know from Germany so far.

One is educated in Germany so that there is no other country. This conviction I have filed in this moment and started to experiment because no one could answer and wanted to answer any questions.

In my own bakery, I then set my own baking style and continued to experiment inexorably and designed recipes. With the Internet, Facebook everything else got its run and my bread, especially in the highly hydrogenated area became popular worldwide and nachgebacken by thousands of people. Today I give courses in bakery schools worldwide, especially in the field of natural baking and highly hydrogenated doughs.

It just scares me when I can pass on my philosophy of baking to people. Baecker is a very hard JOb who is totally undervalued. Bread is sold too cheaply.

I do not know all of them. I do not do gluten-free. 95% of people who believe they have to eat gluten-free are probably more allergic to the chemical treatment of baked goods than to gluten. Long doughs clean flours and most have no more discomfort.

Asia (Singapore, Taiwan, Korea) all over Europe USA, Central and South America., Kuwait, Israel. The range is mostly sourdough breads, open loose crumbs, olive oil briosch and PAN DE CRISTAL, which consists of more water than flour, which is a very difficult dough.

I have thousands of internet followers on Facebook and Instagram. Successful courses are the neste Publicidad. Over the years, I have earned the respect of the world’s most famous bakers, who also recommend me and often work together.

At the moment I run a bakery in an amusement park in Budapest SKANZEN MUSEUM. There, however, I have the freedom to give courses anytime anywhere in the world. For me it would be very difficult to stick to house recipes or traditional recipes, because I always want to change something and the old-established bakeries do not like to be seen. 100 years of tradition, I see very mixed and it is for me more like 100 years do not want to learn anything. Many say earlier everything was better. But I think that’s nonsense. Today we have better flours, better machines, better options, more experience, why should everything have been better in the past?

At the moment I live in Hungary Budapest. Home is where I feel comfortable. Panama would be my dream to live there again. I love the sun, the easy life and the easy way to paradise. Bread technically, Panama is unfortunately far behind what I do back. But in the future that will certainly change.

Difficult to say. All people who want to come to a course to learn and to date, I had no bad experiences. As a Becker you always learn as you work constantly with other materials and under different climatic conditions .. I love what I do and I have not had any bad experiences so far.

My dream is to open a small bakery with wine and cheese. The craft is often its own fault, because they do not go with the times. What is happening in Germany, I am very positive. Too bad that you always have to be a master baker to open a bakery, just the cross-entrants revive the market and bring the old master baker to think.