After Hungary, now România!

After Hungary, now România! I discovered recently this beautiful country, where I found a lot of people with passion for artizanal bakery.

Sourdough, all the products made from sourdough, all the special breads and sweet bread are hot subjects now, and I think that people try to find a way out, into the light after this difficult times that we live, but doing artizanal bakery from passion. Due to this, I will be in Romania for the next 3 month doing courses and masterclasses. The first groups from March and begging of April are SOLD OUT, but I intend to do also in the end of April and May. Because I found there a lot of home bakers, I will organise also short courses,small groups focused on specific products. All the details you can find on Facebook: Cristina Barb or Instagram breadcouturebycb.