CP-WFS QUARANTINE BREAD (English / Deutsch / Espanol)



After we published the recipe for COVID 19 HONEY BREAD, we were interested in doing something similar again. What is possible, where are the limits? That was the question here. Test extremes. The recipe was created from all my experiences and the communication with ALIDA KAZIMERSKI (expert in fermentation not only of bread, but also of cheese and vegetables) about her experience in this area. We tried the same bread with different methods in 2 different places. Communicates over the Internet. So it was possible to make this bread. IMPORTANT THINGS IN DOING THIS BREAD IS: Stretching and folding. Which has the effect of supplying oxygen to the dough, which in turn helps in fermentation. The feeding system is a kind of refreshing and to keep the taste constant, otherwise the bread could become acidic. The temperature is also a very important parameter. The warmer the safer you can be and the shorter it will take. The colder the more insecure everything is and it can take much longer, which in turn harbors the risk that the bread will become acidic. It‘s like a little race where you make a new sourdough and want to be active in short time. A young leaven is turned into bread.

VIDEO TO MY RECIPE: https://youtu.be/8yiAga98gPw